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If you have an existing alarm system installed in your home and you are looking to add an extra level of security, we can help. We are able to offer extensions from your existing alarm system to other areas outside your home, such as driveways, gardens, outbuilding, garages and your perimeter.

It is a fact that most break in’s occur via a door in your home. Our alarm system extensions can prevent this from happening when an alarm sounds when they enter the land on your property. Many homes are broken into for the sole purpose of stealing a vehicle and our systems offer protection against this. Our sophisticated alarm systems can identify a person from an animal and can also be controlled via your phone, allowing you to individually set the alarm inside and outside of your property.

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    Examples of How Our Alarm Systems Work

    Internal Alarm - Area A

    All equipment installed inside your property will be assigned to area A. This could be an adaptation of an existing alarm or a new system installed from scratch. When entering your property you would use a keypad located inside your entry point to operate the system.

    Perimeter Alarm - Area B

    All other equipment will be assigned to Area B. Using external wireless detectors we will create a protective ring around your garden / driveway protecting everything within. Cars, vans, caravans, motorbikes, garden sheds, garages the list is endless but as the video shows when an intruder enters your protected area the alarm activates long before they get anywhere near your property. This area is controlled using either a remote (Smart key) or by using your smartphone from outside the area.

    Both areas work independent to each other. All of our systems come with the latest "smart" connectivity ensuring you and your "Inner Circle" are aware of any activation including which sensor has activated. In addition to this our engineers have 24/7 access via a secure connection should you need to update any programming changes.