Outdoor & Driveway Alarms

Most intruders enter your home through a door, so STOP them before they get there!


Want to improve the security of your outdoor space, garden or driveway? With many intruders breaking into homes to steal your keys to take a vehicle, our state of the art outdoor alarm systems can stop them before they get close to the front door. When the intruder enters your land, garden, driveway, the external alarm sensors will detect the movement and shape in a sophisticated way, this means the sensor can determine an animal from person.

Therefore when an intruder attempts to enter your land, they are stopped in their tracks when the alarm sounds, alerting you and your neighbours to the problem.

Our alarm system allows you to set zones of your alarm such as your external perimeter and driveway only when you are in your home, meaning your property is protecting externally when you are in. All this can be done in on an easy to use phone app.


Driveway/Outdoor Alarms in Wakefield, Harrogate, Leeds, Ilkley & beyond

We cover a wide area across West & North Yorkshire. Key areas include; Harrogate, Ilkley, Skipton, Knaresborough, Pontefract, Darrington, Carlton, Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield & York. Our security alarm perimeter systems lend themselves best to properties with private driveways and properties their own grounds.

Watch Our Videos To See How It Works

Extensions From Existing Alarm Systems

Already have a house alarm system? Well, we can still help you to add that extra layer of protection to your home. A large part of our business is the extension of existing alarm systems to protect outbuildings such as sheds and garages, also also alarming your driveway and outdoor space. We have already said that a huge motivator for thieves are vehicles. Whether this be your car, motorbike or van (and often tools and machinery), our state of the art outdoor alarm system will protect your outbuildings, driveway, vehicles and outdoor space. The advantage here is that when the intruder enters your land, the alarm will sound, alerting you and your neighbours.


Outdoor/Driveway Alarms, Areas We Cover

We install our smart outdoor/driveway alarm systems in most areas in West & North Yorkshire. Our smart internal and external alarm systems lend themselves best to homes with their own driveway/entrance that does not have shared access. Key areas include: Harrogate, York, Leeds, Knaresborough, Ikley, Wetherby, Wakefield, Barnsley, Pontefract, Darrington, Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford & Skipton.


Examples of How Our Alarm Systems Can Work

Internal Alarm System - Area A

All equipment installed inside your property will be assigned to area A. This could be an adaptation of an existing alarm or a new system installed from scratch. When entering your property you would use a keypad located inside your entry point to operate the system.

Outdoor, Driveway & Perimeter Alarm Systems - Area B

All other equipment will be assigned to Area B. Using external wireless detectors we will create a protective ring around your garden / driveway protecting everything within. Cars, vans, caravans, motorbikes, garden sheds, garages the list is endless but as the video shows when an intruder enters your protected area the alarm activates long before they get anywhere near your property. This area is controlled using either a remote (Smart key) or by using your smartphone from outside the area.

Both areas work independent to each other. All of our systems come with the latest "smart" connectivity ensuring you and your "Inner Circle" are aware of any activation including which sensor has activated. In addition to this our engineers have 24/7 access via a secure connection should you need to update any programming changes.

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